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What made me get involved? Perhaps an inner quest that follows me or perhaps because I wanted to discover a truer life away from the mutant characters from comics that life in the city offers.


Here at least you can see the clouds, feel the sun, hear the wind and, when the white waves calm in the sea, you too unwind and find peace in yourself.


Two hours’ hike up on the hills, in a place called Halara, in the middle of nowhere, there is a rock. Inside the rock lives a wild bee. The oldies remember her from always. From a crack in the rock the bee enters and leaves its core. She is like a spirit, you can hear her breath. The rock has life. And from its release I have created a hive and the honey comes from the rock and the light.


Wild beauty is the effort you redeem.


In Nikouria, a tiny uninhabited island opposite Amorgos covered in thyme, I have set up the hives and it is from there that I get the thyme honey, which is small in quantity but has repeatedly won prizes for quality.


When I go across in my friend Antonis's boat, the beauty of the moment makes me feel the essence of life.


And in Lagada, where there is a honey-making workshop, set up with enthusiasm, passion and a lot of support, on a warm July night, if you pass among the hives, you can hear their buzzing, a sound like a cosmic breath, and you are intoxicated by the smell of the honey as it matures.


This is what bees and honey mean to me and this is what is inside the honey I send you.


Earth, Water, Air, Light.

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